Asario application is still in development and testing phase. If You want to have early access to application, please visit this page.
  • Employee attendance feature

    Keep track of your employees attendance records:
    Clock in/out records

    Regular work hours record

    Overtime work hours record

    Terrain work hours record

    More control

On-site tracking

Track employees who clocked in to work and are working on-site.

Off-site tracking

Asario helps you to keep record of employees who work outside the company.

Absence tracking

Get information about employees absences from work for certain period of time.

Time tracking with GPS coordinates

Unlimited number of access points

Unlimited number of

Supported time


Use tablet or PC like attendence system
Unlimited number of access


Mobile device

Tracking GPS coordinates
Use geofensing
From any location


Asario application

Use Asario application for clock in/out
Unlimited number of access

How it works?

Time & attendance tracking

On-site hours
Off-site hours
Overtime hours
Accumulated hours
Track earlier arrivals
Track late departures
Paid on unpaid breaks
Efective time
Self service portal
Missing days
Check in locations

What is effective time of your employee's?

Effective time = Required time– worked time.

In any moment see status of employee

Adjast Asario to meet your needs.

Manage all rules for your bussines model at one place!

Setup working days and hours

Set work time for every department or whole company
Set non working days for whole company or department in one click
Set short working time for department or whole company

Missing days in Asario

Let Asario inform inform you about missing days. Your employees can recive on theirs mobile notification about missing days when they:

Forgot to clock-in
Forgot to clock-out
Forgot to clock-in/out

No sign up needed!

Test Asario today and find out why it is the best solution for you.

Employee self service portal

Any employee can overview working hours using Asario employee self service portal.

Overview of working hours
Overview of overtime hours
Overview of accumulated hours
Overview of missing days


Notification on mobile or mail

Integrate Attendance with other modules

All information synchronized and centralized
Real time information from all location
Create new location less than secund
Track your employees attendance for only 0.05$ per employee.

Define roles and permissions

Manage the access levels of different users with a flexible set of roles and permissions that allow you to define your own rules. Control who can see and do what.


Employee tracking custom reports:

Who has max absence days?
Who has max overtime hours?
Who has max off-site hours?
Unused employees vacation days
Send montly reports on email
Unused employees vacation days
Send montly reports on email
Who has max absence days?
Who has max overtime hours?
Who has max off-site hours?
Unused employees vacation days
Send montly reports on email
Unused employees vacation days
Send montly reports on email

Do you want to learn more?

Click here to find more documentation about absence tracking feature!

Available on any device

Your work should never be limited. That’s why Asario is also available across all mobile, web and other wearable device.

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to track employees attendance on site you need to enable employees to clock in when they arrive to work and to clock out when they are leaving. Asario is providing your employees with three options to clock in to work:

1. Using RFID cards
2. Using PIN number
3. Using mobile application

For this purpose we developed Asario Terminal mobile application. Asario Terminal mobile application allows your employees to clock in and clock out when they are working outside of the company whether their are using android or iphone devices. Click HERE to learn more about our mobile applications.

Asario Terminal mobile application allows your employee to clock in and out from work from enywhere in the world. In addition the mobile application track the GPS position from where the employee clocked in to work so that you have detailed information about employees working outside the company. Asario will automatically calculate the earnings based on employees terrain work.

You can insert rest breaks for working days in Asario. Asario then let you choose if you are going to calculate employees earnings with or without rest breaks.

Yes. Asario keeps track of employees overtime work. In Asario you have the option to pay out the overtime work to employee or to transfer overtime hours to vacation.

Wheter you have 2 or 2000 employees you can use Asario the same way.