• Asario projects feature

    Complete overview of the production process
    Create projects

    Project progress overview

    Finished projects overview

    Detailed informations for every project

    Costs, worked hours, deadlines and more

Projects dashboard

Projects details

Project priority

Everything related to projects in one place

Unlimited number of projects
Order projects by priority
Connect each project with the client
Check projects status
Track machine usage
Track material usage
Track project costs
Efective time
Keep history of archived project

Tracking status of project

Any product or service can be project
Split your project in smaller operations
Employees work on operation and change status
Predefine operations workflow into reusable templates
Track all operation in real time


See what are products and operations

Create any type of project in any industry with product and operations.

Monitoring the project through the different phases

1. Preparation phase: Create project with all operations.
2. Production phase: Employees start working on project.
3. Finish phase: All operation are done. Project status is done.
4. Archived phase: Project is arhived.

Track project costs

Material costs
Work costs
Costs per operation
Costs per product
Costs per employee
Cost per department

Order project by priority

Any change on project order will be visible automatically to all employees in production

How employees access to projects

Thay log into production terminal
Thay see all operation on which thay are working for different project
Order of operation depends of the projects order
For each operation they can access to the documenatation

Advance search of projects

Search by name, by client, by city...
By status (in progress, stopped, paused..)
Near dedline, reach dedline,exceed budget..

What is effective time of your projects?

Effective time = Required time– worked time.

Share technical documentation for all employees on shoop floor

Inside project you can add all documenatation that you need
You can add link to documentation(OneDrive, Google Drive, DropBox, own servers)
Sharing documenattion with your employees, each employee knows what he need to do

Keep evidence of project reclamations

Track all reclamations for project
Tracking the causes of complaints
See from were most of reclamation are comming
Include reclamation cost in entire project costs

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Project alerts on mobile or mail

Integrate Projects with other modules

Production custom reports:

Which projects are paused?
Which projects are stopped?
Which projects are finished?
Which projects are arhived
Which projects are in production?
Which projects are reach dedline?
Which projects are exceed budget?
Which projects have reclamation?
Which projects are belog to some client?
Who can work on some operation?
How much time is spent on some project?
How much materials is spent on project ?
How much cost project?
How many employees worked on project

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Click here to find more documentation about absence tracking feature!

Available on any device

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Frequently Asked Questions

You are defining projects in Asario. Usually when the customer order something, for example kitchen you can then create project kitchen in Asario.

There is no limitation o how many project you can create in Asario.

When you create new project, you can devide him into smaller parts (operations). These operations are then assigned to employees who works on them.

Yes. You have the full overview of the project and operations of that project. You can track how much of the project is done, who works on the project, project costs and much more.

Yes. Asario let you set different priorities for different projects. Your employees are going to see the priority of their task as well so they can know what project to wok on.

Wheter you have 2 or 2000 employees you can use Asario the same way.