• Asario equipment feature

    Manage your company equipment at one place
    Equipment overview

    Who worked on specific machine

    Operational costs, working time, services

    Alerts about upcoming maintenance

    Detailed reports

Projects dashboard

Projects details

Project priority

Keep machine evidence

Track machines working time
At any moment see who is working on which machine
Create machines groups
Which operations are using machine
Employees that were working on machine
Projects that used machines
Machines are not directly connected to Asario

Machine costs and maintenance

Track machines services
Track machines reparations
Track regular maintenance

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Machines alerts on mobile or mail

Integrate Machines with other modules

Custom machines reports:

Which projects used some machine?
Machines with max working hours?
Machine that need regular maintenance?
Machines that were most on the service?
Which machines are on service?
Employees that worked on machine?
Who can work on some operation?
Working hours for each machine?
Cost of machines maintenance?
Costs for each machine?

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Available on any device

Your work should never be limited. That’s why Asario is also available across all mobile, web and other wearable device.

Asario supports all types of industries and therefore you can manage any type of project you want.

Yes. When creating a new project you have an option to set project priority for that project.

Operations are the way to split project into smaller tasks that your employees are going to work on.

Yes. In Asario you have a real time overview of operation status.

In order to create and work with projects user needs to have administrator role in Asario. Administrator rights can be assigned to any of your employees.

Lack of materials, equipment failure, not enough time or any other reason you have stop working on the project is defined as project interrupts in Asario.

Wheter you have 2 or 2000 employees you can use Asario the same way.