Asario application is still in development and testing phase. If You want to have early access to application, please visit this page.
  • Asario

    Track multiple things at the same time. Enjoy in multiple benefits:
    Less paperwork

    Easy payroll process

    Better productivity

    Less administrative work

    More control

Everything you need to work smarter integrated in one software

Your entire company in your pocket

Time & attendance

On-site hours
Off-site hours
Wages due
Accumulated hours
Payment history
Paycheck advance
Long-term loan
Travel expense

Monitore and improve your production

Track projects time
Check projects status
Order projects by priority
Track machine usage
Track material usage
Track project costs
Track employees on project
Track all reclamations
Keep history of project
Generate differents reports


See what you can do with Asario in real examples!

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Keep machine evidence

Track machines working time
Employee that were working on machine
Projects that used machines
Which operations are using machine
Track machines services
Track machines reparations
Track regular maintenance


Management materials

How much material used for project
Track current materias costs
Track current quantity
Keep price history
Keep quantity history
Create materials groups
Define custom materials dimensions
Define custom materials measurement units

monitoring employees in the workplace
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Test Asario today and find out why it is the best solution for you.

All information synchronized and centralized
Real time information from all location
Create new location less than secund

Track entire company for only 0.05$ per employee.

For all Business types and sizes

Small businesses

Medium businesses










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Click here to find more documentation about absence tracking feature!

What can you do with Asario


  • Real time information about production life cycle
  • Assign tasks to each employee
  • Overview of employees tasks
  • Overview of projects costs
  • Overview of projects status
  • Overview of project deadlines
  • Alert and notification system
  • Overview of equipment usage
  • Equipment status overview
  • Detailed PDF reports


  • Create project workflow in few seconds
  • Create and reuse project's templates
  • Send project in production in one click
  • Archieve completed projects
  • Deadline monitoring and alerting
  • Project budgeting and costs tracking
  • Documentation organization
  • Alert and notification system
  • Customers managament
  • Projects status overview
  • Customer self service page
  • Advanced projects search
  • Set project priority
  • Detailed PDF reports


  • Time and attendance tracking
  • On-site tracking
  • Off-site tracking
  • Accomulated hours tracking
  • Department managament
  • Holiday managament
  • Seek leave tracking
  • Maternity leave tracking
  • Payroll calculation - Hourly based
  • Payroll calculation - Monthly based
  • Payroll calculation for specific employee
  • Group payroll calculations
  • Employee debts tracking
  • Comments about employee
  • Check in with phone, PIN or ID card
  • Eployee self service page
  • Send email reports to employees
  • Detailed PDF reports