• Employee self service feature

    Employee access to important information related to him:
    Monthly work overview

    Earnings overview

    Create absence request

    Receive notification

    Daily work managament

Working hour overview

Employee have overview of all of his working hours

Earnings overview

Employee have overview of all of his earnings

Absences overview

Employee have overview of all of his absences

Tracking working hours and absences

Every employee can track his working hours, absences and everything related to his work.

Overview of on-site working hours
Overview of off-site working hours
Overview of overtime working hours
Overview of accumulated hours
Overview of absences

Earnings and payment history

Every employee receives detailed real-time information about their earnings for the current and past months.

On-site working hours
Off-site working hours
Overtime working hours
Accumulated hours
Advance payment
Long term debts

All information for your employee at one place!

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Manage absence requests

Using employee self service employee have different options to manage their absences:

Check how many days has been used
Check how many days left
Send absence request (vacation, sick leave, unpaid absence)
Receive notification when request is processed
Plan future absences

Missing days in Asario

You will recive on your mobile notification about missing days when you:

Forgot to clock-in
Forgot to clock-out
Forgot to clock-in/out

Check missing days on your portal and resolve with your superior before payment.


Use employee self service portal for only 0.05$ per employee.

Travel documentation

Insert different bills while you are on bussines trip so that people in finance can see them at one place

Hotel costs
Fuel costs
Toll costs
Rent-a-car costs
Food bills
Plane tikets

Clock in to work from Asario

Asario offers few different options for employees to check into work. One of these options is to use employee self service.

Employee just needs to click on the work start button and Asario will automatically start to track working time for that day.

monitoring employees in the workplace

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Employee self service reports:

On-site working hours report
Off-site working hours report
Overtime working hours report
Terrain working hours report
Payment history report
Paid on-site working hours report
Paid off-site working hours report
Paid overtime working hours report
Paid terrain working hours report
Absence history report

Employee access from anywhere in the world
All information synchronized and centralized
Real time information from all location

Available on any device

Your work should never be limited. That’s why Asario is also available across all mobile, web and other wearable device.

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to access the employee self service your employee needs to go on asario web page and login with their username and password that the admin provided for them.

All your employees can use the employee self service feature but at the end you are diciding which employees have access to the employee self service by giving them username and password.

No. Employee can not edit any data that is displayed on employee self service page.

Yes. Employees have the option to download detailed reports related to their monthly hours and earnings.

Yes. Using employee self service feature employees can track their earnings in real time.

Wheter you have 2 or 2000 employees you can use Asario the same way.