• Employee planner feature

    Manage and plan employees work
    Employees overview

    Easier employee managament

    Employee tasks managament

    No paperwork

Employees overview

Overview of employees and the projects they are assigned to

Departments filter

Employee planner for employees in different departments

Time filter

Get overview of employees work for past months

Employee managament

Manage your employees work using Asario employee planner:

Which employee works on which project
Plan your employees work in loangterm
Calendar overview for each employee
Easily move and edit plans set for employee
Overview of employee absences

Clean planner overview

Employee planner offers few things for better overview of the empoloyees and projects that they assigned to:

Department based employee list
Company based employee list
Time filter option
Different color for project that employee is assigned to

Plan and manage employees work at one place!

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Make plans for employees according to absences

Employee absences are integrated with employee planner feature. This way you can know which employees are absent and which are ready to work. Absences that you can track in employee planner:

Vacation leave
Sick leave
Paid leave
Unpaid leave
Maternety leave
Plan future absences

Overlaps in planning

You have the option to assign one employee to multiple projects. Sometimes the projects will overplap with each other. When overlap heppens you have three options to resolve it:

Overwrite project (new project will overwrite existing project in planner)
Shift project (new project will be added in planner and existing project will be
rescheduled for work after new one)
Paralel project (employee will work on both projects in paralel)

Use employee planner feature for only 0.10$ per employee.

Optimize your planner

Let's say you for some reason removed employee from project. Your employee is ready to start work on new project but the next project is sheduled 6 days from now.

In order to keep everything consistent and well planned you can use optimize option which will remove all empty space between planned employee projects.

Create free days for employee

If you want to add free days in employee planner, you can do that by using make space option.

Select the days from the calendar
Click on the make space option
Add space for each employee separatly

monitoring employees in the workplace

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Employee managament from anywhere in the world
All information synchronized and centralized
Real time information from all location

Available on any device

Your work should never be limited. That’s why Asario is also available across all mobile, web and other wearable device.

Frequently Asked Questions

You do need to have projects to use employee planner feature, but you don't create projects directly in employee planner. You create project in projects feature and that projects are available for you in employee planner.

Yes, you can set multiple projects for one employee at the same time.

Yes. Two or more projects can overlap with each other.In these cases, you have three options to resolve the overlap (Overwrite, Shift, Paralel).

No. Employee absences are integrated in employee planner feature. You have a full employee absences overview and you can plan your work accordinally.

Optimize option enables you to optimize your space in employee planner. Using this option you remove all empty space between the projects, and get better overview of work planned.

Wheter you have 2 or 2000 employees you can use Asario the same way.