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Asario - Agriculture & Farming industry

Industry: Strawberry plantations
Description: Growing strawberries and strawberry processing into final products
Products: Fresh strawberries, strawberry juice, strawberry jam
Emplyees: 200
Client: Local supermarket

*NOTE: Focus is on tracking employees work. This is just example how you can organize in Asario, of course you can do like you want.

Preparation and organization

1.Create project in Asario

First step is to create project with all informations.

Insert client basic information if you want.
Create project Season-2020 and connect with client.
Insert basic project information like deadline, start date, end date, estimated costs
Add important documentation which your employees can use

This project already is not ready to go on shop floor. Now production managers need to organize tasks which need to be done to finish project.
Based on our project, they can recognize next products in this project, and they can separate whole project on this Products for easiest tracking.

2. Create project workflow

Separete project in different products/services.

Fresh strawberries
Strawberry juice
Strawberry jam

For each product define different task that needs to be done. So you can save them like template and reause them.

Digging holes
Planting strawberries

How employees will see project on shop floor

They don't need to know on which project thay are working. They have theirs task and just need to log how much time they working. Remember order of the tasks is important because that is priority of the projects.

1. Logging in and working on tasks

Employees access production terminal anywere and with two click start working on theirs tasks

Access production terminal
Insert pin number
Click on department and sing up task.
When task is done just sing out from taks.

Payroll calculation in less then 3 seconds!

As we mention on begining focus is on tracking employees work. You can use Asario for payroll calculation whether you use hourly employee model or salary employee model.

1. Payroll calculation

Of course before you do payroll calculation you need to setup all rules for your bussines model like define working hours, calculate pauses or not, calculate overtime or not and others rules.

Choose time period of calculation
Choose what you want to payroll
Generate payment reports.
Keep payment history.

Monitor your business and improve it

Using Asario you can get different reports that you can use for impoving you business. Calculate your profit, compare you costs, track employees working hours... and so much more. For demonstration purposes we offer you couple or reports in example below.

1. Statistic and reports

Very easy get different reports about your employees or project from asario. Better organize and plan you business. See where is possibility to improve you work.

Get list of reklamation and check who was working on that
How much are costs of material and employees
Who was working overtime
What is the major reason on interrupts.

Do you want to learn more?

Click here to find more documentation about absence tracking feature!

Asario supports all types of industries and therefore you can manage any type of project you want.

Yes. When creating a new project you have an option to set project priority for that project.

Operations are the way to split project into smaller tasks that your employees are going to work on.

Yes. In Asario you have a real time overview of operation status.

In order to create and work with projects user needs to have administrator role in Asario. Administrator rights can be assigned to any of your employees.

Lack of materials, equipment failure, not enough time or any other reason you have stop working on the project is defined as project interrupts in Asario.

Wheter you have 2 or 2000 employees you can use Asario the same way.