• Absence tracking feature

    Manage employees absences:
    Manage different types of absences

    Easy absence tracking process

    Set absence rules

    Manage absence requests

    Send absence notification to employees

Employee absences overview

Get information about employees absences for certain time period

Employees absence requests overview

Get overview of all absence requests send by employees

Absence groups

Create a group reservations on department or company level

Sick and maternity leave


Paid non-working

Unpaid non-working

Track all paid and unpaid absences

Paid absences

Absences during which employee receive pay:
Paid vacation leave
Paid sick leave
Paid maternity leave
Paid holiday leave
Paid jury duty leave

Unpaid absences

Absences during which employees aren't receive pay:
Unpaid leave of absence
Unpaid parental leave
Unpaid military leave
Unpaid medical leave
Unpaid bereavement leave

Everything than you need to know about absence tracking feature

Absence tracking
Sick absence tracking
Maternity absence tracking
Vacation absence tracking
Paid absence tracking
Unpaid absence tracking
Employee absence history
Detailed PDF reports
Absence request overview
Absence notifications

Manage your employees absences with ease!

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Set absence rules on department level

Set which procentage will be payout for employees on sick leave
Set which procentage will be payout for employees on maternity leave
Set minimum number of employees that needs to be present
Create absence for group of employee


Approval of absence requests

All of employees absence requests are sent to administrator. Administrator have the right to:

Approve or decline absence request
Create absence for specific employee
Create absence for group of employee

Manage all rules for your bussines model at one place!

Adjast Asario to meet your needs.

Create group or individual absences

Asario enables you to create individual and group absences for your employees. You can use on of these three options in Asario:

Create individual absence for one employee
Create absence for selected department
Create absence for the whole company

Employee self service portal

Any employee can overview and manage their asbences using Asario employee self service portal.

Overview of absences
Requesting new absence
Absence notifications


Manage your employees absences for only 0.05$ per employee.

Define roles and permissions

Manage the access levels of different users with a flexible set of roles and permissions that allow you to define your own rules. Control who can see and do what.


All information synchronized and centralized
Real time information from all location
Create new location less than secund

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Absence tracking custom reports:

Absence days report
Reports for all absence types
Separate reports for employee
Unused vacation days report
Monthly absence report send on email
Paid absences report
Unpaid absences report
Report about absence requests
Reports about earnings during absence
Group absence reports

Available on any device

Your work should never be limited. That’s why Asario is also available across all mobile, web and other wearable device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Asario supports few predefine absence types: Vacation, Paid day of absence, Unpaid day of absence, Sick leave and Maternity leave.

Yes. Every employee have the option to make a request for absence through employee self service feature and they will be notify once they request is approved.

Yes. Asario enables you to creat group reservations, wheter it is a reservation for one department or the whole company.

Employees absence requests can be approved only by the user who has administrator rights. Administrator rights can be assigned to any of your employees.

Absence group is used to create group reservation of absence in Asario.

Wheter you have 2 or 2000 employees you can use Asario the same way.