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Asario support different production of goods from materials, parts and components.

Common staff for all this industries is that thay have project to build some building of house. It is a big project demands a lot of resurces and planning. They need to organize people for a different jobs. They need to monitoring how the business is going. What is finished so they can go on next planned jobs.


Let's start...

  • First step

    First step always include customer ordering some project.

  • Order

    After discussion with customer about what has to be done you can insert customer order in Asario.

  • Customer portal

    Using customer portal feature, your customer can track the status of the project once it is inserted in Asario.

  • Project

    Once the order is made you need to insert a new project in Asario. In this case the project you are working on is house. Asario provides you with option to set the priority on your projects, so you can better organize your production.

  • Operations

    Once you created new project you then need to split that project into operations. Operation represents one part of the project that needs to be done. For example for your house project you will have operation like lobby, first floor, roof etc.

  • Department

    One more small step before projects can start is to assign departments which are going to work on the house project.

  • Employees tasks

    By using Asario each employee has access to a list of tasks that he needs to work on. For example, employee who is working in plumbing department is only going to see tasks related to his deparmtnet.

  • Overview of the production

    While employees work on house project, you have the whole production overview. How much project is done. What needs to be finished. How much time is left etc.

  • Projects interuptions

    If employee is unable to finish his task for shortage of materialss, machine failiure or not enough time, he can set status of his task to wait. This enables you to engage if needed so the work can be continued.

monitoring employees in the workplace
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  • Easy payroll calculation

    At the end of the month you need to calculate earnings for every of your employees. That can be very difficult and time consuming. Asario let you calculate earnings with just few click on the button.

  • Overtime work, avanses, terrain work.

    Asario will calculate all working hours for employees including overtime work, terrain work, avanses...Calculate payrolls for specific department or even the whole company.

  • Earning reports

    Download detailed PDF reports for every of your employee about their earnings, absence from work, overtime work, terrain work, vacations etc.


At the end...

  • Employees overview

    Asario provides you with better employees overview. At any time you can see how many employees are working on specific project, how many are currenly free. This gives you option to better plan next projects.

  • Production overiew

    Monitor your production process. From projets that are in preparation to finished prjects, you can overview the whole production process every step of the way.

  • Company productivity

    At the end this manifests as a boost of your company productivity.

Do you want to learn more?

Click here to find more documentation about organizing your construction business!

Wheter you have 2 or 2000 employees you can use Asario the same way.

Asario let you create project on which you are working on. Let's say that your company needs to build a house. First thing that you need to do is to create a project "House" in Asario. Every project is then devided on smaller operations which again you define. In this case we would have operation "Foundation", operation "First floor" and operation "Roof". You can assign every operation to department in your company or to single employees to work on that. All the time you have a complete overview of project progress, status, costs, problems etc. Everything goes through application and you are notified every step of the way.

Yes. In Asario you have an real time overview of the whole production process. You can keep track of the projects that are in currently in production, projects that are ready for production or even the projects that are already finished.

Yes. Asario developed Asario Production mobile application that enables your employees to easily track and work on their tasks whether they are in the company or on terrain in different country.

Yes. Asario let you insert all of your customers in application. You can then link your projects to customer who ordered them. Once in production, you can track projects specific to one customer.